Free ship by DHL 8 lines 9 points laser level outdoor cross laser leveling (4V4H9P) rotary lazer levers Line Infrared horizon

Wholesale narrow band filters, binocular stereo microscope zoom

Wholesale 1x42 Red Dot

Laser wave length: : 50mm/1.97'' (approx.). Item name: Telescope astronomy: 52m/1000m. Scale: Controls: Binoculars high magnification. Clamp c. 15 mm-infinity. 1.9(l)x1.5(w)x4.4(h). : 126m/1000m. Photosensitive components: Mini jewelry magnifier. Clmg-7205. For monocular binocular. Steel angle square. Education microscope. 

Optical Doublet Lens

640*480(vga), 30 ftps. Magnifier glass led. Digital microscope usb. 13mm mini lens 100 degree. Approx. 115 x 39.5 x 20 mm/4.53 x 1.56 x 0.79 in. Voice broadcast. Wholesale farman belt. Amc035. 355mm. 35 x 23 x 18 mm. Lcd golf. 1237-2.5x. High definition microscope. Colorful. Field of view at 1000m: Snap shot: : Lens material: Blackish green and black mixed color. 

Optical Illus

Microscope bulb lamp. Cam hd video. Keyword 1: Structure: Carls zeiss. Reflective polarized. Exit pupil distance: Wholesale measuring digital. Portabler. Heaven body observation. Laser class: 

Thumb Screw

85mm x 28.5mm. Less than 1mw. Vision laser. Fit for eyepiece diameter: : 9892aii. Measurer laser. Case color: : Waterproof portable camera. Led working voltage: Div. x: Glass spherical. Zeast. 30mm caliber. Kid telescope kit. Ms-1-u. Lcd digital laser distance meter. Gj0267-01b

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Me @ The Straight Couple: so which of you is Rick Sanchez & which of you is the nameless faceless woman he'll abandon to fuckle Walking Disaster Stanley Pines?

from now on i’m deleting any confessions that have to do with but her aim is getting better, getting schwifty, or wanting x to run

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Track: Cotton-Eye Joe +
Artist: Rednex
Album: Sex & Violins


Rednex - Cotton-Eye Joe

Anonymous asked: wait i get that cotton eye joe is like a stanchez thing(?) but like how and when did that happen

as far as I know, Cotton Eye Joe was the blogs theme song and there was a contest to see who could listen to it for 10 hours straight. i completed the challenge and ive never been the same.

~ Mod Rick

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@all the new followers



where did he come from

where did he go

where did he come from

cotton eye joe 


if it hadnt a veeen for cototn eye ejoe i veben marrie dlong time ago where DID YOU COME FROM WHERE DID OYU GO?

@all the new followers

where did he come from

where did he go

where did he come from

cotton eye joe 

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Anonymous asked: worried that the stanchez love will stop right after gravityfalls ends :(